Baroda Advantage fixed deposits (Non callable)

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Baroda Fixed Deposit Accounts

Baroda Advantage fixed deposits (Non callable)

  • An individual in his own name.
  • Jointly by more than one individuals.
  • Minor of age above 14 years on terms as laid down by the Bank.
  • In the names of Clubs, associations, Educational Institutions, Partnerships and joint stock companies and any other institutions, which are eligible to open a Term Deposit, account as per Bank rules.
  • The product is not available for minor account having age of 14 years and below as the maximum amount that can be accepted in minor account of this age group is Rs.1,00,000/-.

Preferential rate of interest as decided by Bank from time to time will be applicable to these FDR, over the card rate.

Presently applicable preferential rate is as under:

  • 10 basis point over card rate for normal Term Deposits (callable) of amount less than Rs.1/- Crore & period of 12months and above.
  • 5 basis point for deposits of Rs.1/- crore and above and upto Rs.10 Cores) over card rate for normal bulk Term Deposits (callable) as per period and amount of deposits with minimum period of 12 months and above.

Note : Additional interest to Senior Citizens & Staff members (including ex-staff & Retired Staff Members who are Senior Citizen) will continue as per guidelines effective from time to time.

Product Specification

This is a Domestic Term Deposit Product wherein Depositor gets differential rates interest over normal FD Deposit's rate for deposits of Rs 15.01 lacs and above to Rs.10 crores for foregoing premature withdrawal option.

Area of operation

The product shall be available at all domestic branches.

Applicable Scheme

Deposit can be accepted under:

  • RIRD-Scheme.
  • MIP- Scheme
  • QIP- Scheme

*Short Deposit is not available in this product

Minimum Deposit Amount

Rs 15,01,000/- ( and further in multiple of Rs. 1000/-)

Maximum Deposit Amount

Rs.10 crore.

Frequency of interest payment

Frequency of Interest payment in the account will be similar as applicable on Normal Term Deposit (callable deposits) product.


  • Minimum - 12 months.
  • Maximum - 120 Months.

Premature Payment Facility

Premature withdrawal of the deposits made under the scheme shall not be allowed before maturity for any reason whatsoever. In case of death of the depositor (individual category), FDR to be transferred in the name of nominee/ legal hears after adhering the extant guidelines.

Nomination facility

Nomination facility will be available.

Tax Deduction at Source

TDS will be deducted on interest payments as per rules.

Availability of Loan/Overdraft

Loan / Overdraft facility to be permitted up to 85% of outstanding balance at applicable interest rate over interest rate paid on deposit as per Bank's extant guidelines.

Auto Renewal facility

Deposits having value less than Rs.1 crores on date of maturity, shall be renewed automatically for 12 months at the rate of interest applicable for 12 months period as on the date of maturity under Normal FD scheme (callable FD Scheme) in case of RIRD/MIP/QIP.

In case of deposits having Principal value Rs.1 crore and above (bulk deposits) on date of maturity, will be renewed automatically on maturity under normal respective Normal FD scheme (callable FD Sheme) if such instruction are given by depositor at time of opening the account. In the absence of any renewal instructions, such deposits credited to depositor's operative account on maturity

Closure of A/C

Account can be closed on maturity only as per Rule of existing Term Deposit A/C

Special terms & conditions

Accepted as security by Government departments & as margin for non fund based activities subject to their acceptance for not demanding pre-mature payment.

Other Terms and conditions

Eligibility norms and all other instructions applicable to 'Fixed Deposits' will apply mutatis mutandis to these deposits

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