Baroda Premium Current Account (BPCA)

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Baroda Premium Current Account (BPCA)

Sr. No. Features Benefit to customers
1 Minimum Quarterly Average Balance(QAB) Rs 75000/-
2 Statement of Account Free two times in a month
3 Balance Certificate Free
4 Signature Verification Free
5 Folio Charges Nil
6 Issuance of Cheque Books Free (Unlimited)
7 Demand Draft facility 50% discount
8 Bankers cheque facility 50% discount
9 MT/TT facility 50% discount
10 Immediate credit of out station cheques Maximum outstanding not to exceed Rs 50,000/-at any time. In case of new customers the immediate credit is to be accorded only after standard period of 6 months.
11 Transfer of Funds at CBS Branches (outside clearing Area) Free of charge(Inter Sol charges)
  • Collection of cheques through outstation Non-base branch drawn on other Banks with in the clearing area of that centre
  • Collectionof outstation cheques by sending the cheques physically through post
  • Free of charges
  • 50%of Normal collection charges
13 Auto sweep / Reverse sweep (w.e.f. 01/12/2016)
  • First Sweep out for Rs 25,000 will happen only when account balance reaches Rs 5,25,000.
  • Upon receipt of customer’s request ,the threshold amount of Rs 5,00,000/- can be increased preferably in multiples of Rs 1,000

( e.g. Rs 5.01,Rs 5.02 lacs and so on)

  • If customer desires, the Sweep out amount of Rs 25,000/- can be increased in multiples of Rs 25,000
  • ( e.g. Rs 50,000, Rs 75,000 and so on).
  • Sweep will be carried out every Monday (at the end of the day)
14 Net Banking Free
15 Auto Pay Roll Free
16 Credit Card with free personal accident insurance coverage First year free of charge, limited to two partners, two directors, up to two persons of other bodies authorized to operate the account
17 Waiver of processing charges on car loans Waiver in case Car Loans are in the name of Proprietor, Firm and Company
18 Rebate/ Discount on Locker rent to proprietor/ partners/ directors 20% on locker Rent if locker rent is paid in advance for three years and above in lump sum.
19a Cash deposit : At Base and local Non Base Branch
  • Cash Deposit Upto Rs.50000/- Or Upto 10 packets i.e. 1000 pieces of notes of any denominations taken together, whichever is higher - free of charge per day
  • For additional 1000 pieces (10 packet) or part thereof charges @Rs.10/- (Min Rs.10/- & Max. Rs.1000/-) plus Taxes as applicable will be charged.
19b Cash deposit : Outstation Non Base Branch
  • There is no restriction for cash deposit in outstation branches if PAN is available in the account.
  • Without PAN or Form No 60/61 max. amount of Rs.49999/- cash can be deposited in the account in a day.
  • No Inter Sol charges for cash deposit up to Rs. 50000/- per day per account, thereafter in excess of Rs. 50000/- service charges will be levied at Rs.2.50 plus Taxes per thousand or part thereof.
20a Cash withdrawal : Local base branch Free of charge in respect of any amount /any number of cash withdrawal per day per account
20b Cash withdrawal : Local Non-Base / Outstation Non- base branch
  • Free of charge maximum withdrawal is allowed upto Rs.50000/- per day only by self cheque.
  • No cash payments to third parties
Minimum Quarterly Average Balance (QAB) Rs 250000/-
Minimum Balance Charges Rs 1000/- per quarter + Taxes for not maintaining quarterly average balance (Irrespective of Area)
Premature Closure Charges (If account is closed within a year) Rs 1000/- + Taxes

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