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Schemes for Professionals and Self Employed

Best suited for individuals conducting business independently, with or without hired labour. Enables them to purchase equipment (including PC for professional use), acquiring new or repair existing business premises, tools and working capital requirement.

Key Benefits

  • Can be used for the purchase of any necessary equipment, like a personal computer (PC) for professional use.

  • Repair and renovation of existing equipment.

  • Acquisition and repairs to business premises, or tools.

  • To generate working capital.

  • All the accounts rated as A+ will be entitled for loans at a lower interest rate.

  • Simple application procedures.

  • Avail of loans at all branches of Bank of Baroda. To get a detailed list of all the Bank of Baroda branches, CLICK HERE.

  • All complaints and grievances can be reported to the regional zone offices or directly to the Central office.

To know about all the terms and conditions that govern the product,

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Professionals and Self Employed
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