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Small Roads and Water Transport Operators

This product is primarily targeted at Road Transport Operators who may be individuals or an association of not more than six individuals.

Key Benefits

  • Assists in the purchase of any vehicle, such as:

    • Human driven like handcart, cycle rickshaw etc.

    • Animal driven like bullock cart, camel cart, Tonga, etc.

    • Power driven like mechanised cycle rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, taxies, mini buses, tempos, trucks, & motor lorries.

    • Fishing boats, barges etc. to be used as public transport carrier for transport of goods or passengers.

  • Simple application procedures.

  • Avail of loans at all branches of Bank of Baroda. To get a detailed list of all the Bank of Baroda branches, CLICK HERE.

  • All complaints and grievances can be reported to the regional zone offices or directly to the Central office.

To know about all the terms and conditions that govern the product,

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Small Roads & Water Transport Operators
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