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Bill Pay - Payment

The customer will log in to BOB NetBanking i.e. BarodaConnect with User ID & password and select Bills option

Payment for Billers in "Presentment" mode

For billers in presentment mode, your registration details are sent to the biller for validation. Subsequently whenever the bill is generated by the biller, it is uploaded on Baroda Connect.

Under "View Pending Payments" query for pending bills either on Payee Id, or Payee Nickname or Consumer Code

Select for the status of the bill "Waiting for Acceptance".

Click on the link "Payee" for any modification of the bill details else Click on the "Edit" button. The bill with the necessary details will be displayed.

Enter the date on which you want to pay the bill or Click on HOT PAYMENT button

Click on "Pay".

Give User ID and Transaction Password

User will get confirmation for his request

(NOTE: You can schedule the payment on such bills only on or before the due date specified otherwise the bill will get defaulted)

Payment to Billers in "Payment" mode

Under Bills menu in Bill Payment option, Click on "Make a payment" option.

Choose either of the payment method from –
One time payment to a Standard Payee
Adhoc Payment
Repetitive Payment

Select the added Payee from drop down

Fill up the details for which the payment has to be made

Tick if payment has to be made instantly else give the scheduled date on which the payment has to be made

Click on "PAY"

Confirm the transaction by entering your ‘transaction password'. The status of your bill payment will appear in the message screen.

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