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Doís and Doníts for Baroda M-CLIP


  1. Download the App on your own mobile handset

  2. Always logout of Baroda M-CLIP once you have completed your transaction

  3. Call the Baroda M-CLIP Helpline immediately if you lose your mobile handset and block your Baroda M-CLIP a/c. Helpline no: 080 - 46648113.

  4. Always set a screen-lock for your handset. This will give you additional security in case youlose it.

  5. Outgoing SMS will have to be configured from the SIM that you are registering with – this ismandatory for successful device verification

  6. Change your PIN for Baroda M-CLIP at regular intervals

  7. Be aware of Phishing, Wishing, Mishing and Shoulder surfing

  8. Please generate your 3D secure passwords before using the Wallet for Debit & Credit card transactions.

  9. Care should be taken while entering load amount in Wallet.


  1. Register and use your wallet on other’s handset.

  2. Disclose your Baroda M-CLIP Secure PIN to anyone

  3. Leave your mobile un-attended without logging out of Baroda M-CLIP

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