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HR Business Model

The Strategic HR Business Model adopted by Bank of Baroda incorporates its HR Mission and Philosophy and is focused towards attainment of long-term organizational goals.

A very strong Organizational Leadership at different levels forms the key link in the Model. These are;

  • Strategic Leadership - Corporate level

  • Business Leadership - Zonal & Regional level

  • Operational Leadership - Business unit level i.e. branch

The two vital Human Resource sub-systems i.e. HR Planning & Management Sub-System & Competency Based HRD Sub-System shape the very crucial Performance Environment within the Bank which facilitates development of enabling capabilities of people.

Through proper developmental inputs, Positive Attitude & Right Mindset is created among people.

Through proper Communication Medium and an Organizational Culture of sharing, openness, collaboration & confrontation, autonomy etc., people in the organization are facilitated to give their best output (performance).

The Model is adequately supported by a suitable Learning Platform, which imparts proper Knowledge and enhances Learning among people (functional, behavioural etc) so that their Competence increases and their potential could be properly leveraged for greater Individual and Organizational Effectiveness.

These create proper Employee Motivation, which ultimately facilitates Goal Achievement.

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