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Correspondent Banking

The extensive worldwide network of branches of Bank of Baroda offers Correspondent Banking services to the Indian Banks as well as banks from other countries.

Our branches are capable of providing the services that an international correspondent Bank can offer. Select branches of the Bank are well equipped to handle the business of Correspondent Banking.

The New York, Brussels and London Branches of the Bank are equipped with latest technology and are having trained and experienced staff for handling the maintenance of Nostro accounts in US$, Euro and GBP respectively.

The overseas presence of the Bank is further supported by a large number of correspondent Banks (more than 500) which gives Bank of Baroda access to every corner of the Globe.

The main services provided are:

  1. Collection of bills both Documentary and Clean.

  2. Advising / confirming of L/Cs opened by Indian Banks.

  3. Discounting of Bills drawn under L/Cs as well as outside L/Cs.

  4. Maintenance of foreign currency accounts (Nostro in US$, Euro, GBP at New York, Brussels and London respectively) for settlement of transactions (Link).

  5. Making foreign currency payments/ remittance on behalf of customers of Indian Banks.

Bank of Baroda offers an excellent service with competitive charges to other Banks for providing the Correspondent Banking Services.

For further details, please contact the Bank of Baroda Branch nearest to you.

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