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How to Open Deposit Accounts


  1. Please fill up the respective account opening form for the particular type of account, viz. FCNR, Rupee Savings Bank/Fixed/Current Accounts with your signature attested.

  2. Kindly enclose one passport sized photograph (one for each in case of joint account holders) signed across or at the reverse.

  3. Please enclose a photocopy of your passport attested.

ATTESTATION may be obtained from any one of the following:

  1. An official authorised by the Indian Embassy or Consulate abroad.

  2. Notary.

  3. Any of our overseas Branches.

  4. Your Banker.

  5. A person known to our Bank.


For the purpose of opening a new account and for augmenting/replenishing your existing account, you may choose any of our branches convenient to you and any one or more of the following modes of remittance.

  • A demand draft drawn in foreign currency say, US Dollars or Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP)preferably drawn on New York/London.

  • Your personal cheque in foreign currency drawn on your account abroad.

  • Demand drafts, Mail/Cable Transfers from any of our foreign branches drawn on our Indian branches either in Rupees or foreign currency.

  • Drafts drawn abroad in Indian Rupees by Reserve Bank of India authorised Exchange Companies.

  • International Money Orders in foreign currency.

  • Transfers from existing FCNR/Non-Resident External Rupee Accounts with us.

  • SWIFT REMTTANCE: The modern mode of transferring money instantaneously. For detailed information please be in touch with your Banker or our nearest branch for enabling SWIFT remittance. Click here to view the SWIFT codes of our various branches all over India.

  • During your esteemed personal visit you may tender foreign currency CASH and/or Travellers cheques. As per Reserve Bank rules, you are permitted to carry to India without Customs declaration amounts in Cash component up to USD 5000/-(or equivalent in other foreign currencies) along with travellers cheques with the sum total of the two aggregating USD 10,000/-. These limits are for each NRI visiting India. On the other hand you may bring in any amount after declaring the same at the customs counter and obtaining a Currency Declaration Form (CDF) signed by Customs Official.

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