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International Operations

Wide global network

Bank of Baroda started its overseas journey by opening its first branch way back in 1953 in Mombassa, Kenya. Since then the Bank has come a long way in expanding its international network to serve NRls/PIOs, Indian Corporates around the world and to meet the banking requirements of the local population in the country of operation. The Bank has transformed into 'India's International Bank.'

The Bank has significant international presence with a network of 107 branches / offices in 24 countries including 59 branches/offices of the Bank, 47 branches of its 8 Subsidiaries and 1 Representative Offices in Thailand. The Bank also has Joint Venture in Zambia with 32 branches and Joint Venture in Malaysia having -1- branch at Kuala Lumpur

The Bank has presence in world's major financial centers i.e. New York, London, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Bank of Baroda is pursuing an ambitious overseas expansion plan and is in the process of identifying/opening more overseas centers for increasing its global presence to serve its 60 million global customers in still better way.

Bank is further expanding the branch network in UK, UAE, Uganda, Ghana and Botswana etc.

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