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Bank’s IT-enabled Business Transformation Programme:

  • The Bank’s Technology initiatives are clearly focused on the customer. The Business Transformation Programme encompassing technology is being implemented by the Bank with a view to provide its customer, convenience banking on 24 X 7 basis in India and abroad through deployment of a single Core Banking Solution platform across globe with integrated delivery channels like ATM, Internet, Phone, Mobile, Kiosk, Call Centre etc.

  • As compared to other banks our technology deployment is not restricted to only core banking solution. It also covers other applications like Enterprise wide General Ledger, Risk Management, Anti-Money Laundering, Cheque Truncation, Credit Cards, Mutual Funds, On-line Trading, Data Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management, SWIFT, RTGS, NEFT, Internet Payment gateway, Global Treasury, Human Resources Management System, Employee Pay Roll, Cash Management, Mobile Banking, SMS delivery, Retail Depository, Phone Banking, Risk Management, Knowledge Management etc. which are well integrated and provide a seamless experience to customers of all segments and lines of business.

  • These applications also provide critical MIS through Data warehouse for timely business decision.

  • We are one of the few Public Sector Banks having our Internet Payment gateway offering E-commerce services.

  • With 100% CBS and various initiatives, Bank has enabled its customer with the state of the art technology; duly complemented with the human interface.

ATM Network:

  • The Bank has large network of ATMs in India. ATM/ Branch Locator

  • The Bank’s plans are to extend this network in stages in future. The Bank also plans to deploy low cost ATMs at Rural centers.

  • Bank has launched School fees collection module which enables payment of School fees through Bank’s ATM.

ATM-cum-Debit Cards:

  • Bank’s Debit Card holders can use their card at all VISA ATMs in India and around the world. Bank’s Debit Cards are also accepted at Points of Sale (POS) across the country and on terminals world wide.

  • Master Card holders and holders of VISA cards issued by other banks can also access their accounts through our Bank’s ATM network.

  • Bank’s Debit card supports multiple accounts of card holders whereby multiple accounts can be linked to a single Debit card.

  • CVV2 implemented for domestic VISA Debit cards.

  • The Bank is a member of National Financial Switch (NFS). This enables our customers to use ATMs of other banks who are members of NFS, at a significantly low or no cost.

Internet Banking:

  • The Bank has launched full-fledged transaction-enabled Internet Banking in India. Through this platform, customers have the facility to pay both Direct and Indirect Taxes online, make payment of utility bills, Insurance premiums and also book railway tickets. Corporates have the facility of direct salary uploads. Internet Banking has also been launched in most overseas territories. SMS Alert facility is provided to eBanking customers.

  • Under Baroda Connect, Customers have interfaces for online donation to Guruvayoor temple, Shirdi Temple & Nathdwara Temple, Techprocess Online Bill Payment and Shopping, Online CC Avenues - an online shopping portal, Online Gujarat CST payment, online payment of Rajasthan VAT and CST and Online Payment of UP VAT.

  • To protect our customers from phishing attempts Bank has implemented beneficiary registration for third party fund transfer activities.

Rapid Funds2India – an online money transfer service:

  • NRI’s can avail this service from our Overseas branches in UAE, Oman, UK, Mauritius, Seychelles, Botswana, Hongkong, Fiji, Ghana, Kenia, Guyana, S. Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Trinidad & Tobago, US and Zambia which facilitates almost instant credit to their accounts with us in India. Where they maintain accounts with other Banks, same day or next day credit is facilitated through RTGS/ NEFT.

Internet Payment Gateway:

  • 3D secure implementation has been completed under Internet Payment Gateway. IPG facilitates direct customer merchant transactions and settlement through the Bank’s Central ATM Switch.

Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) & National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT):

  • All branches are RTGS and NEFT enabled. RTGS and NEFT have been interfaced with our Internet banking portal. This provides customers the facility of making inter bank money transfers online using Internet banking.


  • SWIFT facility for worldwide inter-bank financial communication is provided at Foreign Exchange Authorised Branches in India as also in overseas territories

Web-based Lending Process Automation for Corporate and Retail lending Operations:

  • Bank of Baroda is the first Public Sector Bank in India to implement a Web-Based Lending Automation System and its in use in all its branches for its Retail Lending Operations

On-line Tax Accounting System (OLTAS):

  • Bank has implemented Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS) for collection of taxes on behalf of Central Board of Direct Taxes, Govt. of India at 551 branches.

Electronics Data Interchange (EDI):

  • This is operational between Bank’s Kaligram branch, Ahmedabad, and ICD, Sabarmati (Centre for payment of customs duty and duty drawback), Ahmedabad.

  • The system is also operational between Bank’s Navrangpura Branch, Ahmedabad and Customs & Central Excise Department, Air Cargo Complex, Ahmedabad.

MICR Processing Centres:

  • Bank of Baroda runs 5 MICR centres - at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Coimbatore, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar.

International Operations:

  • Operations at all Bank’s overseas branches, Offshore Business Units, Joint Ventures & Subsidiaries are 100% computerized.

  • Core Banking at territory level is implemented in 19 overseas territories and remaining two will be migrated to Finacle CBS shortly.

Global Treasury:

  • Bank of Baroda is the first Public Sector Bank in India to implement Integrated Treasury and Risk Management solution at its Treasury Branch, Mumbai.

  • An Integrated Global Treasury Solution has been implemented in UK, UAE, Bahamas, Bahrain,Hong Kong and India.
  • Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) for Treasury has also been operationalized.

Bank’s State-of-the-Art Data Centre:

  • Bank has built and commissioned its own State-of-the-Art Global Data Centre (DC) for running its centralised banking solution and other applications in 3176 branches across India and 21 other counties where the Bank is operating. The Data Centre will function as a central data hub of the Bank for both its domestic and international operations. It conforms to critical technology standards and is equipped with full Communication and network infrastructure, meeting all the attributes of a Tier III Data Centre.

  • Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) which is a replica of Data centre has also been fully operationalized.

  • Bank is shortly setting up “Near Data Centre” for online “near real time” replication of data to avoid any data loss.

Green Initiative:

Bank has adopted environment friendly systems and technologies in the design of the new Data Center (Green Initiative), which includes:

  • Energy efficient electrical and HVAC design
  • Environment friendly construction material
  • Chiller based HVAC
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Intelligent building management software
  • High efficiency Precision air-conditioning units
The Bank's ultimate objective is to reorient itself as a highly technology enabled Bank and Bank of first choice for its customers in order to emerge as a leader in the global market place on every single parameter including technology.

Wide Area Network (WAN) - Networking of Branches, Administrative offices & Overseas territories:

  • All branches, Administrative offices, Training centres, Inspection centres etc. in India and abroad have been networked through Lease Lines, ISDN, VSATs for running multiple applications under CBS with enough redundancy for high up time.

Corporate Intranet & e-mail:

  • Web-based Corporate Intranet and e-mail for electronic communication, information sharing & knowledge management is fully operational.

HRNES & Payroll:

  • Bank has implemented Human Resource Networking for Employees Service with the objective of creating a central database of its employees to facilitate decision making, promotion and selection exercise as also to automate other HR processes.

  • In Payroll, Salary module, e-TDS module have been implemented for all Domestic offices. Leave module has also been launched where employees are provided with the functionality of self service.

Information Security:

  • Bank of Baroda has put in place robust Information Security Management System to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its IT resources.Multi-layered security architecture has been implemented with firewalls, NIPS, HIPS, regular patch updation, anti-virus & anti-spyware, centralized domain controlling, application security, database security, physical & logical access control measures etc.

  • Bank has an updated IT Security Policy, standards and guidelines, which have been formulated to address the evolving threat landscape and Bank’s endeavour to provide safe technology enabled services to its customers.

  • For internet banking, 128-bit Verisign SSL certificate has been implemented to ensure that customers’ data is transmitted in encrypted form over internet. To prevent fraudulent fund transfers, mandatory beneficiary registration has been implemented for third party fund transfers in internet banking.

  • Bank’s IT assets are subjected to periodical audits, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to assess the vulnerabilities / risks and implement necessary risk mitigation measures.


Technology is an integral part of banking. Right from sourcing and acquiring the customer to servicing and delighting the customer, bank depends upon technology. Technology needs to be leveraged to make the Bank’s routine operations cost-effective. To achieve this, the Bank has engaged the services of McKinsey & Co. to advise it on Business Process Re-engineering and Organizational Restructuring so that its branches can devote maximum time to sales and marketing functions and handle the newly acquired business in an effective manner. The newly created robust technology platform would also facilitate supervision and control and building up of rich management information system to aid the business decision making.

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