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IMPS through MMID (P2P)
IMPS through IFSC (P2A)
Merchant Payment through IMPS (P2M)

IMPS Funds Transfer through Mobile Number and MMID (P2P)

Bank of Baroda is offering Immediate Payment Services (IMPS), a unique concept of mobile based account to account funds transfer for registered Bank account holders in collaboration with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

What is IMPS?

Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) is an instant real time interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones. It facilitates customers to use mobile phone as a channel for remitting funds to accounts in other banks.

The pre-requisites for fund transfer through IMPS is both the remitter and beneficiary needs to register their mobile phones with their bank account and get the MMID upon registration. MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) is a seven digit code issued by the participating banks to their customers for availing IMPS services.


Baroda M-Connect IMPS Advantage
  • Instant :
    Credit of funds happens instantly, as soon as an IMPS transfer is executed.

  • Anytime :
    IMPS is available round the clock, 24x7 including weekends and holidays.

  • Anywhere :
    IMPS transfers can be executed on the go, on your mobile phone, using Baroda M-Connect Mobile Banking facility.

  • Simple :
    All you need for using an IMPS transfer are the beneficiary's mobile  number and 7-digit MMID. You do not need other beneficiary's details like account number, IFSC code, bank name, etc.

Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is a seven digit unique random number issued by the bank upon registration. Remitter (customer who wants to send money) and Beneficiary (customer who wants to receive the money) should have this MMID for doing this interbank funds transfer.
The customer has to share his mobile number and MMID with the Remitter (person who is sending the money) and Beneficiary (customer who wants to receive the money) for receiving funds through IMPS.

For getting MMID, mobile banking registration is mandatory. Bank of Baroda customers can register themselves for mobile banking through any Bank of Baroda ATM or by submitting a duly filled form at their Base Branch.


How to get MMID number?
  1. For receiving MMID through application, please follow the steps given below in Baroda M-Connect:

    • Main menu >IMPS>Generate MMID
    • Users can retrieve their MMID No. from the option Know your MMID

  2. For receiving MMID through SMS: Type “MMID” and send it to “9223173928”
Menu Options of Mobile Banking applications for initiating IMPS transactions

(One time registration of beneficiary)
  • Quick IMPS:
  • Select Menu option Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) → To Mobile Number → Quick IMPS → Enter mPin → Enter Beneficiary Mobile Number → Enter Beneficiary MMID → Enter Amount. Press Submit/ OK and Confirm.

  • Registered IMPS:
    • Beneficiary Registration:
    • Select Menu option Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) → To Mobile Number → Beneficiary Registration → Enter mPin → Enter MMID → Enter Beneficiary Number → Enter Beneficiary Nick Name and Confirm.

    • Payment:
    • Select Menu option Select Menu option Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) → To Mobile Number → Payment → Enter mPin → Enter Beneficiary Nick Name → Select Beneficiary Nick Name → Enter Amount and Confirm to send the amount.

A confirmation SMS will be sent both to the customer and beneficiary. Check the confirmation SMS for debit to your account.
Process Flow

Step 1 : Remitter sends instruction from his/her mobile through his/her bank provided application or SMS.

Step 2 : Remitting bank validates the details of the remitter and debits his/ her account. This transaction is sent by remitting bank to NPCI switch.

Step 3 : The beneficiary bank validates the details of beneficiary customer, credits the account, sends confirmation about transaction status and sends a SMS to the beneficiary customer informing him of the credit.

Step 4 : Transaction status is send to remitting bank which in turn informs the status of transaction to the remitter.

Step 5 : Remitting bank send a SMS confirmation of the transaction to the remitting customer


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