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IMPS Merchant Payments Service.

IMPS Merchant Payments (P2M – Person to Merchant) service allows customers to make instant, 24*7, interbank payments to merchants or enterprises via mobile phone. It enables mobile banking users facility to make payment to merchants, through various channels such as Internet, mobile phone.

Customer can make payment of various commonly required services including:

  1. Mobile top-up / DTH top-up
  2. Insurance premium
  3. Online shopping
  4. Over-the-counter payments
  5. Fees payments to schools / colleges / universities
  6. Utility bill payments
  7. Travel & Ticketing
Key Features of IMPS Merchant Payments
  1. Instant Interbank fund transfer
  2. Anytime, Anywhere Service
  3. Safe & Secure
  4. 24*7*365 availability
  5. Instant confirmation to Sender and Receiver

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IMPS through MMID (P2P)
IMPS through IFSC (P2A)
Merchant Payment through IMPS (P2M)

Pre – Requisites

Customer needs to be a registered Baroda M-Connect (Mobile Banking) user. Existing customers can avail the facility by:

  1. Downloading and activating mobile banking application provided by the Bank.
  2. Obtain MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) through the application/ SMS.


MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier and is 7-digit number that is provided at the time of registration for Baroda M-Connect. This number is used to identify customer, bank and is linked to the account number. The combination of mobile number and MMID is unique for a particular account, and customer can link same mobile number with multiple accounts in the same Bank, and get separate MMID for each account.

How does IMPS Merchant Payment system works?

There are two ways in which IMPS merchant payments (P2M – Person to Merchant) transaction can be performed:

  • Customer Initiated Transaction (P2M PUSH)
  • Merchant Initiated Transaction (P2M PULL)

Customer initiated transaction (P2M PUSH)

In the customer initiated transaction, following inputs are required (IMPS merchant payments’ option is available in ‘IMPS’ menu on the main menu of mobile application):

  • m-PIN
  • Merchant mobile number
  • Merchant MMID
  • Amount
  • Payment Reference

Payment Reference is an optional 50 characters field provided for entering unique reference for the payment, and identifies the transaction to the merchant. The description is usually decided by the merchant, e.g. for insurance premium payment, customer may need to enter policy number, etc., for electricity bill payment, it may be consumer number, etc.

The syntax and information to be input in the payment reference field is decided by merchant, and same is usually communicated by them directly or on their website.

On initiating transaction, customer receives the confirmation SMS with status of the transaction.

Transaction limits are:

Per Transaction Per Day Per Week Per Month
25,000 50,000 2,00,000 5,00,000

Merchant initiated transaction (P2M PULL)

In Merchant Initiated transaction, the transaction is initiated through Merchant application (such as Merchant website, WAP site, IVR, mobile application, etc. The typical steps to follow for making transaction are:

    • Visit merchant application such as web site, mobile application, or WAP site
    • Select product / service for which payment is to be made
    • In the payment options available, choose IMPS
    • Enter credentials as follows:
  • Customer mobile number
  • Customer MMID
  • OTP (One-Time Password)
    • The transaction status is displayed on the screen

Customer needs to enter credentials like – Customer mobile number (as registered with the bank), his MMID (as generated by bank) and OTP (One-Time Password).

OTP (One Time Password):

OTP needs to be generated by customer for each transaction. OTP can be generated by using mobile banking application. ‘Generate OTP’ option is available in the IMPS menu within main menu.

The OTP generated has following characteristics:

  • OTP is valid for 1 hour from the time of generation
  • Per transaction limit is Rs 25,000/- (within overall limit of fund transfer of Rs. 50,000/- per day of mobile banking application).
  • OTP is valid only for one transaction – Successful or Failure
  • Only one OTP (latest generated) is valid at a time

Services Available on IMPS Merchant Payment

Various services are currently available on IMPS merchant payments, such as:

1.   Mobile / DTH recharge
2.   Bill payments
3.   Travel & Ticketing
4.   Credit card payments
5.   Online shopping

More services are being added every day.

For list of all services available on P2M PUSH and procedure to avail the same, visit

For list of all services available on P2M PULL and the procedure to avail the same, visit

List of participating banks on IMPS merchant payments

To get the list of participating banks on IMPS merchant payments, visit

This displays the list of banks active on IMPS merchant payment Services.

Downloading option for already registered Baroda M-Connect customers

  • Visit
  • Choose your login as "Customer Login"
  • Enter your "Registered Mobile Number" and "mPin"
  • Press Submit
  • Go to Tools Menu - Application Download Option
  • Choose your mobile brand
  • Choose your mobile platform – JAVA, ANDROID or WINDOWS
  • Give your registered "mobile number"
  • Choose Mobile Operator as GSM/CDMA
  • Choose your keyboard type as PARTIAL/ FULL KEYBOARD
  • Now click on SEND LINK TO MOBILE to receive the link on your mobile or on DOWNLOAD TO PC to save it and then transfer it to your mobile through Bluetooth/Data Cable/ Infrared.

Note: Android users can download the latest build from Google Play Store/ Android Market. iOS and Windows Phone OS builds will be updated shortly.

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