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Baroda Small Business Current Account


Maximum Annual Turnover

  • Permissible Annual Turnover in a Financial year is capped at Rs. 20 lakhs.

Transaction Charges

  • First 5 non ADC transactions are free/month after which Rs.10 +S. Tax per transaction will be levied for all non ADC transactions routed through branches till annual turnover reaches Rs 20 lakhs.
  • If Annual turnover crosses Rs 20 lakhs, transaction charges @ Rs 15+ S. Tax  per transaction will be levied.
  • All ADC transactions are free irrespective of number.

Minimum Quarterly Average Balance (QAB)  Requirement

  • QAB – Rs. 2500/-

Cheque Book

  • First  cheque book of 50 leaves free, thereafter charges per leaf will be levied @ Rs 5/-+ ST.

Minimum Balance charges for non maintenance of Quarterly Average Balance (QAB)

  • Rs. 300+ST per Quarter

Debit card

  • Ru-Pay card (for Individuals & proprietors only) – Free for first year and chargeable subsequently as per standard rates .


Base Branch and Local Non Base Branch.

  • Cash deposit upto Rs. 50000/- or upto 10 packets i.e. 1000 pieces of notes of any denominations taken together, whichever is higher – Free of charge per day.
  • Above  10 Packets i.e. 1000 pieces of notes charges will be levied @ Rs. 10/- per packet or a part thereof. (Min. Rs. 10/- & Max. Rs. 10000/- plus ST as applicable.

Outstation Non Base Branch

  • No cash handling charges up to Rs. 50000/- per day per account thereafter in excess  of Rs. 50000/- service charge is @ Rs. 2/- per thousand or part thereof.


Local Base Branch

  • Free of charge in respect of any amount/any number of cash withdrawal per day per account.

Local Non base /Outstation Non Base Branches

  • First two cash withdrawals of any amount per account per calendar month is free of charges  thereafter  each cash withdrwal per day per account in excess of Rs. 25000/-, service charge @ Rs. 2/-  per thousand or part thereof) is applicable.
  • Note:

  • No Cash payment to third party.
  • Per transaction limit of Rs. 50000/- to customers through self cheque.

Other Features & charges.

Mobile Banking/Internet banking

  • Free

Statement of accounts

  • Free two times in a month.
  • One statement (Hard Copy) free in a month.
  • Free e-statement on registered e-mail provided minimum 4 transactions per month are there in the account.

Folio Charges

  • Minimum charges – Rs. 75/-
  • Free Folio allowed p.a. based on Avg. Cr. Bal
  • a) If Avg. Cr. Bal. upto Rs. 1 lacs – Nil
    b) if Avg. Cr. Bal. > Rs. 1 lacs – All Free


  • As per Standard charges of NEFT/RTGS

Other common charges.

Premature Closure Charges (If account closed within a year)

  • Individuals : Rs 250/- + ST
  • Others : Rs. 500 + ST

SMS Alerts

  • Rs. 25/- + Taxes per Quarter.

Other value Added Features

Discount on DEMAT services

  • Waiver of 1st year AMC charges of  250/- for individuals and Rs 550/- for Non individuals. ( individuals, partners, proprietors)

Cash Recyclers and Deposit machines

  • Available at our 24x7 E-Lobbies.

Payment Solutions

  • Baroda e-Gateway.
  • Cash management & Remittance facility available.
  • POS facility available.

Debit Card Related charges.

ATM Transactions at other bank ATM (India)

  • Rs. 20/- for every  transactions

Card Replacement charges (in India)

  • Rs. 200/- per replacement.

Pin Generation

  • Rs. 150/- per regeneration.

Transactions at Rupay enabled ATMs (Abroad)

  • RuPay Platinum Card only is eligible for international transactions.
  • Cash Withdrawal Rs. 400/- per withdrawal.
  • Balance enquiry: Rs. 75/- per enquiry.


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