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Revised Annual Maintenance Charges

Wish to Open a Demat Account ?

India’s premier bank provides you the platform to BUY, SELL, TRANSFER your securities through just 2 Step Process :

To enroll for our Demat services you will have to open the following accounts:

  • Savings Bank \ Current Account with Bank of Baroda
  • Demat Account with Bank of Baroda DP (Click here)

Account Opening
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Demat Account Opening and its Benefits:
Bank of Baroda India’s International  Bank now offers you the opportunity to deal and open a Demat account. We are depository participant of Central Depository Services Ltd  as well as National Securities Depository limited

An individual, Non-Resident Indian, Foreign Institutional Investor, Trusts, Clearing Houses, Financial Institution, Clearing Members and Mutual Funds can open a Demat account.

How To open an account :

  • For opening a Demat account, you have to fill account opening form and submit a photograph of the applicant along with the photo copies of the following documents and your account number will be intimated to you on completion of processing of your application :
List of Required Documents :

  • Besides a quick and hassle free process to open an account  you will also get additional utilities designed by depositories for customers convenience as below:

For trading in the equity market in India we need to have a Demat account. There are many other benefits which encourage to have a Demat account like:

  • Buy and sell shares and stock of any company listed on the stock exchange of India i.e. NSE and BSE
  • Make on line investment in mutual fund.
  • Apply in IPO
  • Trade in Futures and Options
  • No threat of loss of shares due to faulty/bogus/forged delivery.
  • Dividend and issuance of bonus shares are directly credited into linked accounts and Demat accounts respectively.
  • No share transfer fees or stamp duty.
  • Application can be made vide facility of ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) wherein amount does not get debited into the account and is remitted only when shares are allotted.††
  • The shares trading account enables you to view live prices, watch lists and place transactions. The deposit account is linked to the trading account for seamless transfer of funds.
Services / Utilities:
IDeAS(nsdl) : facility to check balance & transactions online.

SPEED-e (nsdl) : facility to submit delivery instructions to us through SPEED- e website

Easi (cdsl) : Access of Demat account through the internet to check the details of their holdings / valuation and transactions, corporate announcements, anytime anywhere, through CDSL’s website

Easiest (cdsl) : Electronic Access to Securities Information and Execution of Secured Transactions.
Benefits of opening the Account with us :
  • Free account opening .
  • Free† 1st year AMC.
  • Free SMS† Alert† facility.
  • Free ASBA ( app supported by blocked amount)
  • Free Nomination .
  • Transparent† Services charges as such no hidden charges.
Still have some more queries in mind …  Let us help you

We at Bank of Baroda are operating from our Back Office located at the following address :

The Asst. General Manager/ Chief Manager
Bank of Baroda,
Baroda Sun Tower,
D.O.T. (Demat operation team)
Central Back Office DP Operations (CBODPO)
Ground Floor, C-34, G-Block
Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, MUMBAI- 400 051
Tel: 022 6698 4921/35/36/40; 6698 4934 (Fax)
e-mail :

(Click here for the list of CBS branches authorized to open Demat accounts)

SIMPLE Doís And Doníts

Some commonly used abbreviations in depository

Click here for FAQs

Download Forms

1. Statutory Charges at the time of Account Opening RS. 100/- FRANKING/STAMP CHARGES FOR AGREEMENT
2. Advance / Deposit NIL
3. Annual Maintenance Charges. General Customer :
For Individuals
- First year free (for new accounts)
- From second year onwards Rs.250/-p.a. plus Service Tax (S.T.)
For Non-individual - Rs.550/- plus S.T.
BSDA customers :
For Individuals
- First year free (for new accounts)
- Thereafter no AMC to be levied if the value of holding is up to
Rs 50,000/- during financial year.
AMC will be charged at Rs 100/- plus S.T. only for the value of holding from Rs 50,001/- up to Rs 2,00,000/- during financial year.
4. Demat Rs.3.00 per certificate with minimum of Rs.34/- plus actual postage plus S.T.
5. Remat NSDL Demat account :
Rs 10/- plus actual postage for every hundred securities or part
thereof subject to maximum fee of Rs 5,00,000/- or a flat fee of Rs
10/- per certificate whichever is higher for NSDL Demat accounts.
CDSL Demat account :
Rs.30/- plus S.T. per actual postage per ISIN
6. Transaction Charges General customers :
0.03% of market value subject to minimum Rs.20/-+ S.T. per
transaction. For Debt instruments and commercial papers 0.03% of
market value subject to minimum Rs.20/- plus S.T.per transaction.
BCML customers :
Transaction charges at Rs 15/- plus service tax per debit instruction.
7. KYC registering
Agency Charges
(KRA charges)
KRA charges @Rs 40/- plus service tax plus actual postage for new
KYC data to be uploaded.
KRA charges @Rs.40/- plus service tax per download will be applied.
For modifications in KRA of the existing clients KRA charges @Rs 30/- plus service tax plus actual postage
8. Pledge Creation Rs.100/- + S.T. per ISIN per request
9. Pledge Creation confirmation Rs.100/- + S.T. per ISIN per request
10. Pledge Closure Free
11. Pledge Closure confirmation Free
12. Pledge Invocation Rs.100/- + S.T. per ISIN per request
13. Failed instruction charges NIL
14. Other Charges • Additional A/c statement Rs.20/- plus S.T.per request
• Sign verification or any other certificate & freeze / unfreeze
Rs.50/- plus S.T.per request.
• One DIS booklet of 10 leaves free of cost at the time of a/c
opening and thereafter subsequent DIS will be issued @Rs.
20/- +S.T. per booklet of 10 leaves for General Customer.
• Two DIS slips only will be issued at the time of account
opening to BSDA customer.
• Change of Address/ECS Rs. 30/- plus S.T. per request.
 15. Overdue Charges Interest @18% p.a. will be payable for payment of service charges
after due date
16.   Transfer of Securities
from one DP to
another DP
consequent to
account closure
Consequent to closure of account, no charges to be levied , when
Beneficiary Owner (BO) transfers all the securities lying in this
account to another Branch of the same DP or to DP of the same
depository or another depository , provided the BO Accounts at
transferee DP and at transferor DP are one and the same i.e.
Identical in all respects.
 17. Other Terms &
a. Refund of AMC on closure of Demat account will be    on    quarterly basis( e.g. if account is closed in the month of July,
refund of AMC will be applicable for remaining two quarters
i.e. December & March of the financial year.
b. The service’s not listed above will be charged separately.
c. Cost of Non-Judicial paper or franking is to be borne by the
d. All the above charges are applicable uniformly to individuals,
non-individual except that AMC are different for individuals
and Non –Individuals.
e. The charges are subject to revision from time to time at
Bank’s discretion.
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