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Baroda Home Loan Advantage

  • The Home Loan sanctioned will be linked with Saving Bank Account.

  • The rate of interest applicable on this SB account will be Zero.

  • Under this scheme, the borrower shall have the option to deposit all his savings in the linked SB account to avail maximum benefit of interest in the Home Loan account.

  • Any credit available at the end of the day will be counted for credit in linked Home Loan account. Therefore, the borrower will get the benefit of interest in the Home Loan account to the extent of daily outstanding balance in the Savings Bank account.

  • The borrower will remit the Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) into the linked SB account.

  • Recovery of EMI will be made by way of auto recovery from the linked SB account only.

    The eligibility for Baroda Home Loan Advantage will be calculated as per the existing guidelines of Baroda Home Loan to   Individuals and Baroda Home Loan to NRI/PIO.



All other terms and conditions would be as applicable to regular Home Loan scheme.

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