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Agriculture being the backbone of the Indian Economy, Bank of Baroda, is contributing significantly in accelerating the pace of rural development by providing finance to farmers by way of following agriculture products.

  1. Baroda Kisan Credit Card (BKCC)- Empowering the farmer : The BKCC facility designed exclusively for the benefit of the farmers aims to provide them the opportunity to manage and utilise their funds in the manner they deem fit. BKCC provide adequate and timely support to farmers for their production needs e.g. purchase of quality inputs, investment requirements like purchase of agriculture implements/tractor etc, farming expenses towards farm maintenance, unforeseen family expenses (consumption) and maintenance of non-farm activities.

  2. Purchase of agricultural implements including indigenous improved ones being utilised for field operations including harvesting/sorting/grading, for not only to farmers, but also for land-less labourers.

  3. Purchase of heavy agricultural machinery like tractors, power-tillers, etc. either by farmers having larger holdings with irrigation facilities or group of farmers with irrigation facilities.

  4. Purchase of second hand tractors to provide opportunity to those interested farmers in dry land farming or having a small land holding who can not afford to purchase new tractors.

  5. Production credit for raising various crops from the point of preparatory tillage till harvesting, for land owners or permanent tenants or lease holders or share croppers.

  6. Farm produce marketing loan / Financing against warehouse reciept against pledge of reciept of warehouse/ cold storages to the farmers.

  7. Development of irrigation facilities, covering sinking of wells/bore wells, lifting of water by installation of pump sets, transporting of water through field channels, water saving system like drip irrigation/sprinkler irrigation etc. for farmers .Energising of pump sets through Non-conventional Energy Resources like wind mill, solar energy etc. or installation of generation sets is also covered.

  8. Extending working capital needs to dealers of dealers/ distributors/traders of agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilisers etc. live stock inputs like cattle feed, medicine etc. and supply of agriculture machinery/ irrigation system.

  9. Extending Custom services to farmers by way of machinery like tractor thresher etc. Equipment on rental basis and maintenance of cold storage /godowns for hiring, by individuals, institutions / organisations.

  10. Providing employment to the unemployed technical personnel through Agro service Centre.

  11. Setting up of Agri clinic and Agribusiness centre by agriculture graduates.

  12. Construction farm building/structures like cattle shed, tractor shed, thrashing yards, fencing etc. by individual farmer or firms engaged in agricultural activity and is of long term nature.

  13. Construction/Expansion/modernisation/Renovation of Rural Godown/Cold storage.

  14. Development of horticulture including production, processing and marketing of various fruits, vegetables, plantation and flowers, which cover from nursery to the point of market, by individual farmers, firms, organisation like co-operative societies etc. and which covers both long term and short term requirement.

  15. Development of land like bunding, terracing, levelling etc. and reclamation of saline, alkaline, ravine soils by farmer or organisation like co-operative societies etc.

  16. Development of allied activities to agriculture like dairy, poultry , fisheries, sericulture, mushrooms, apiculture etc. by production , processing and marketing by farmer, land less labourers, firms, organisations, like co-operative societies etc .finance by way of long term nature and short term nature is being extended.

  17. Financing Scheduled Caste & Scheduled tribes who have been provided/allotted land by the State Govt, can be financed for purchase of farm implements irrigation pair of bullocks etc.

> Baroda Kisan Credit Card (BKCC)
> Agricultural Implements
> Tractors and Heavy Agricultural Machinery
> Financing Second Hand Tractors
> Cultivation of Crops
> Farm Produce Marketing Loan / Financing against warehouse reciept
> Irrigation Potential
> Baroda Kisan Tatkal Loan Scheme
> Dealers of Agriculture Inputs
> Financing Agencies Providing Custom Services To Farmers
> Providing Employment To Unemployed Technical Personnel Through Agro Service Centers
> Agriclinics and Agribusiness Centers by Agriculture Graduates
> Financing Construction of Farm Building and Structures
> Construction / Expansion / Modernisation / Renovation of rural godown
> Development of Horticulture
> Land Development
> Scheme for Loan Against Gold Ornaments / Jewellery
> Dairy, Poultry, etc.
> Financing Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes

> Scheme for purchase of Agricultural land
> Scheme For Construction Of Sanitation Facilities In Rural Areas

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