BHIM Aadhar Pay

Simple and Secure Payment System
For Merchants

BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay
BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay

BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay

Incentive on Transaction Incentive Amount (Rs.) Terms & Conditions
BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay app for Merchants Payment Transaction Minimum Incentive amount Rs.2/-
Maximum Incentive amount Rs.50/-
Transaction value eligible for getting Incentive:
  • Minimum value should be Rs.25/-
  • Maximum value should be Rs.10,000/-
Transaction Value Incentive Applicable  
Transcation Value from Rs.25 to Rs.400 Rs.2/- Maximum Incentive that can be earned by any
merchant in a month is maximum Rs.2,000/-
irrespective of number of transactions carried
out by Merchant
Transcation Value from Rs.400 to Rs.9,999 0.5% of Transaction value
Transcation Value of Rs.10,000/- Rs.50/-

What is BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay?

  • BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay is a digital payment acceptance solution from Bank of Baroda.
  • It is a merchant mobile application using an Android smartphone and biometric device
  • Meant for merchants to receive digital payments from customers over the counter through Aadhaar authentication
  • Customer performs transaction by providing his Aadhaar number and biometric.
  • The transaction will be interoperable in nature allowing any bank customer to transact on BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay.
  • The merchant funds will be credited real time to the merchant account linked at the time of registration after successful completion of the transaction.
  • The per transaction limit is Rs.10,000/-
  • BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay is different from BHIM(NPCI UPI’s Product).

Requirements for the merchant to start using BHIM Aadhaar Baroda Pay

  • Aadhaar seeded account with Bank of Baroda.
  • STQC Certified Biometric Reader with Micro USB / USB C-Type connector.
  • Android smartphone with Android version 4.2 or higher with internet connectivity and OTG support for connecting biometric device.
  • Phone should be able to power the biometric reader.

Steps to follow before going Live

  • Download Bhim Aadhar Baroda Pay.
  • Merchant should fill the Application form and sign the Merchant Agreement
  • On boarding registration process and Agreement will be carried through Regions/Zones

Minimum Amount Applicable for getting Incentive by Merchant is Rs.25/-

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