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  • The changing face of Beauty

    Published Date : November 16, 2018

    Beauty is only skin deep yet the Cosmetics market shows a positive growth year on year. According to a report by Allied Market research, Global cosmetics market is expected to garner $429.8 billion by 2022 with Skincare and Haircare being the leading categories. For both Skincare and Haircare, there are hosts of new at-home beauty devices hitting the market that are capturing users’ interest.

    Last year, Samsung, known for home electronics, released two new beauty concepts—the S-Skin and Lumini devices. The S-Skin is a handheld device comprising of LED light and microneedle patch that analyses skin characteristics. The LED light delivers a customized anti-aging treatment, and the microneedle patch delivers skin care ingredients deeper into the skin, where the user needs it the most. The Lumini device, identifies issues under the skin’s surface. The device also recommends cosmetic products to treat underlying skin issues.

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    For Haircare, L’O’real has introduced new Kérastase Hair Coach which is a smart hairbrush that scores the quality of hair, monitors different hair care routines, and provides insights and product recommendations on how to better treat consumers’ hair.

    Swedish company Foreo’s silicone facial brush – the Luna Fofo uses machine-learning AI for offering a skin-care routine to users that will evolve over time. Device sensors monitor the moisture level of a user’s skin, plus it takes into account personal data around skin type and texture that users enter in an accompanying app called Foreo for You.

    The HiMirror, launched in 2016 by the New Kinpo Group, offers an Amazon Alexa voice-controlled smart mirror that offers beauty advice for users. It integrates AI to offer a daily skin analysis and personalized recommendations as well as augmented reality allowing users to virtually try on makeup.

    Beauty-focused devices are making homes more relaxed for its inhabitants. For example, Moodo introduced a home IoT scent-diffusing machine that uses WiFi and Alexa integration to activate scent pods for keeping the home smelling good.

    Smart Toothbrush are also part of the new trend with companies like Bleepbleeps introducing Benjamin Brush, a smart music toothbrush that connects with the Bleepbleep app on the smartphone. The toothbrush also uses Sonic Vibe technology, a high-speed motor pulses for the two minute time period and prevents plaque, tartar and cavities. Another company Kolibree has announced a smart toothbrush that uses AR to make brushing teeth fun for kids.

    We expect more and more beauty brands turning to technology for capturing consumers’ interest. A beauty device that beams the perfect make-up on the push of a button is something to look forward to.

    Credits : Akhil Handa,Aparna Anand

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