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  • Online application and Online Sanction - No Branch Visit for Sanction of Limits
  • Reduced TAT – 3 to 5 days
  • Paperless Sanction
  • No EMI burden
  • Turnover Based Credit Limits
  • Collateral Free Credit Facility
  • Boosting NTC customers

Product Features

  • Target group : Sellers who are engaged in manufacturing/trading activities through Amazon portal. Amazon identifies the eligible sellers based on their track record
  • Purpose : Working capital requirements for procurement/manufacturing/processing of goods/trading and receivables arising out of Amazon portal
  • Type and period of Facility : Overdraft for 12 months
  • Limit : Rs.1 lakh to to Rs.25 lakh
  • Security : Collateral free facility

Interest Rate & Charges

  • Rate of Interest : 3.45% over Bank’s 12 month MCLR plus strategic premium I.e 12.00% p.a at present
  • Processing / Management fee:
    • Upto Rs. 5.00 lacs: 0.75% of overdraft limit
    • Above Rs. 5.00 lacs: 1.10% of Overdraft Limit
  • Inspection Charges : Rs. 1000/- per visit + actual conveyance and out of pocket expenses

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Documentation charges : Actual stamp charges to be borne by the applicant for documentation and other applicable charges as per Bank guidelines. (Depending upon state stamp duty rules)
  • CGTMSE Fee : CGTMSE payment of annual fee/renewal fee etc in eligible cases to be borne by the bank upto the extent of 50% and rest 50% to be borne by the merchant.
  • Security
    • Hypothecation of receivables arising out of Amazon platform.
    • Hypothecation of stock lying under logistic arrangement with Amazon or in the godown of the merchant.
  • Repayment
    • Overdraft will be running limit subject to review after -12-months. Payments from Amazon into the Merchant’s account being maintained with us.
    • If above payment is not sufficient to service monthly interest then the borrower will have to deposit the amount for servicing of interest at the end of each month.

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