Mortgage Loan

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Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Loan

Bank of Baroda brings to you an innovative combination of a loan and over draft facility with flexible repayment options against the security of your immovable property.

  • Ideal use of idle property - Generate additional income from an otherwise idle property.
  • Withdraw money as per your need and save on interest cost.
  • Deposit surplus money / regular income / salary and save interest.
  • Flexibility to withdraw money deposited earlier.
  • Can be availed either as overdraft or demand loan as per your need.

Salaried Employees / Professional, Self Employed & Other income tax assesses for last 3 years with a minimum gross annual income of Rs. 3,00,000/-

Processing Charges

  • 0.20% of Loan amount
  • Maximum Rs.10,000/-
  • Upfront Charges: Rs.7,500/-



Salaried Employees/ Professional, Self Employed & Others, who are income tax assesses for a minimum of last 3 years.


  • Minimum: 21 years
  • Maximum: 60 years


For any purpose except for financial speculation of any nature. Proposals from persons engaged in Real Estate Developments, Property Dealers / Brokers, Share / Stock Brokers and persons engaged in any Speculative activity shall not be considered.

Type of facility

  • Term Loan / Demand Loan
  • Overdraft


40% on Realizable Value of immovable properties.


Mortgage of Immovable Properties

  • Residential Property (House / Flat)
  • Commercial property (Building / Land & Building)
  • Plot of Land (not agricultural land)


  • Minimum: Rs.2.00 Lacs
  • Maximum: (For all category of borrowers)
    • Metro branches : Rs.10.00 Crores
    • Urban branches : Rs.5.00 Crores
    • Semi Urban branches : Rs.3.00 Crores
    • Rural branches : Rs.25 Lacs

Repayment Period

  • Term Loan : 120 months
  • Overdraft : 12 months; subject to annual review

Income Multipliers


  • GMI up to Rs.75,000/- : 30 times of GMI
  • GMI above Rs. 75,000/- up to Rs.3.00 Lacs : 48 times of GMI
  • GMI above Rs.3.00 Lacs : 60 times of GMI


  • GAI up to Rs.5 Lacs : -5- times of GAI
  • GAI above Rs.5 Lacs up to Rs.8 Lacs : 6 times of GAI
  • GAI above Rs.8 Lacs : 8 times of GAI

Income to be considered for multiplier

  • For Salaried Persons : Average of last 3 months‟ Gross Monthly Income (GMI).
  • For Others : Average of last 3 years’ Gross Annual Income (GAI).

Repayment Capacity

For All category of borrowers

For All category of borrowers
GMI up to Rs.75,000/- 50%
GMI above Rs.75,000/- to Rs.3.00 Lacs 60%
GMI above Rs.3.00 Lacs 70%

Unified Processing Charges

The unified processing charges (which includes Processing Charges ,Documentation charges ,Document Verification/ vetting charges ,Pre- Inspection (Contact Point Verification-CPV) charges ,One time post inspection charges ,Advocate charges for legal opinion ,Valuer charges for valuation (One time at the time of sanction) ,Bureau report charges ,CERSAI charges ,ITR Verification charges ) to be levied as detailed below

Commitment Charges

The interest applicable on 60% of sanctioned Limit in the Overdraft accounts in case the quarterly average utilization of the account is below 60%, will be charged on quarterly basis.

For Term Loan

1% of Loan amount with maximum Rs.1,50,000/-
Minimum: Rs.7, 500/- (upfront)**. Balance amount of processing charges will be recovered at the time of conveying sanction.

For Over Draft

  • Up to Rs.3.00 Crores : 0.35% of limit with maximum: Rs.75,000/-
  • Above Rs.3.00 Crores : 0.25% of the limit without any maximum.


Rs.7, 500/- (upfront)**. Balance amount of processing charges will be recovered at the time of conveying sanction. ** The above upfront charges considered as if only one property is offered as security. If two or more properties are offered as security, Rs.7,500/- per additional property would be applicable as upfront charges in addition to minimum upfront charges as mentioned above (subject to overall stipulated maximum processing charges).


Bank will have the right to inspect the borrower’s property at all times and from 2nd post sanction Inspection onwards Rs. 100 plus GST per inspection to be charged from borrower.

Legal opinion & Valuation charges

Title of the property proposed to be purchased is to be clear, absolutely unencumbered and marketable to the satisfaction of the Bank’s solicitor/ advocate. Title verification and Valuation of the property will be done by the empanelled advocate/ valuer of the Bank.

In case of limit above Rs.1.00 Crore, 2nd valuation of the property also to be obtained and to be satisfied upon. The lower of the -2- valuations to be considered while calculating the limit.

Other Expenses

Like stamp duty for execution of documents, registration charges varying from State to State and other related charges/ expenses for the loan shall be borne by the Borrower.

Insurance of the property taken as security as per the valuation report for full value excluding cost of land. The charges to be borne by borrower/s.

Credit Information Report

Bank is authorized to make enquiries from any of the Credit Information Bureau and get the Credit Information Reports. Bank is also authorized to disclose from time to time any information relating to the loan to any Credit Bureau approved by Got of India or Reserve Bank of India without any notice to the borrower.

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